Most popular types of box braids 2023

Most Popular Types Of Box Braids 2023

Box braids are classified according to their size and style. Box braids come in three sizes: small, medium, and large/jumbo.
These braids are based on the boxed sections you’ve created on your scalp. The thick plaits are transformed into large box braids, while the one with very tiny boxes plaited all the way down is transformed into a small box braid.

Let’s take a look at some braiding styles you can try:

Knotless Braids

Knotless braid everything you need to know

This box braid style gives you the beautiful look of box braids without the bulky knots that many styles create. The end result is a versatile style that can be left down or easily created into a simple updo or ponytail.

Furthermore, this knotless box braids style protects the hair and scalp from the excessive pulling and tugging that standard box braiding can cause. Braiding typically requires you to pull the knots tight to ensure they stay in place for as long as possible, which can put a lot of pressure on the head.

Crochet Box Braids

These braids are similar to the woollen crochet seen on a sweater, as the name implies. A simple and protective hairstyle with a one-of-a-kind installation method.
It comes as no surprise that some experts use crochet hooks when installing hair extensions for crochet braids. As the foundation, a cornrows base is created.
The looping method is another name for the installation method for crochet braids. Your braid is attached to the cornrows rather than the square sections of hair using a hook needle. They are simple to care for and fashionable.

Beaded Box Braids

Some people choose to add beads or jewels to their box braids to accentuate their style and add a little more flair to their hairstyle. While many people choose to add beads to their long or short locks, others prefer to have beaded bangs.

This style is similar to the standard box braid style in that it begins with a square or box at the scalp of the head. The stylist will add beads in strategic places throughout the braiding process while continuing the braiding process. If done correctly, this can add a lovely touch to an already lovely box braid style that many people adore. People with this style frequently use one colour of bead throughout, but you can mix it up if you prefer.

Box Braids With Threads

With the option of using a variety of colours, this style gives the standard box braid in various sizes a more personalised look and style. Many people who wear box braids enjoy trying out new hairstyles to make their hair look different every time they get it done. Box braids with thread can enhance the box braid style in a different way than simply adding coloured extensions. To achieve this look, the hairstylist starts with a standard box braid and weaves in the desired thread throughout the length of the braid to create an interesting pattern or design.

When combined with a coloured hair extension, thread can add depth and dimension to any box braid style. It also adds a beautiful contrast for anyone looking for something a little different.

Colored Box Braids

This style’s name speaks for itself. The beauty of this hair braiding is that it can be done in small, medium, or large boxes to suit your needs. You can purchase braiding hair in any colour you want.
One current hairstyle trend is ombre braiding, in which the base colour is your natural colour and then the vibrant colour fades in. You can also try adding a few braids in bright blues, pinks, or even whites.

Goddess Box Braids

The goddess box braids are a feminine twist on traditional box braids. Because of the curly strands added, they have a softer appearance. Women adore them for the versatility they provide.
They are simple to wear and have a fun bohemian vibe to them. To make these box braids, crochet curly or wavy hair into random block braids.

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