Box braids everything you need to know

Box Braids – Everything You Need To Know.

Box braids are always mentioned when the term “protective hairstyles” is mentioned, which is not surprising. Because of their chic appearance and ease of maintenance, protective hairstyles have become popular among many people. Box braids have been popular for decades due to their style and durability. If you’re thinking about getting box braids, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Box braids everything you need to know

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are three-stranded plaits for those who are unfamiliar with them. Box braids have a long history, dating back to 3500 B.C., and are an important part of African and African-American culture. They are similar to standard braids, but they are more defined than knotless braids because the tension applied to the braids is sufficient to prevent flyaways. Box braids, unlike cornrows, are not braided flat against the scalp—hair is sectioned off into precisely shaped squares (or boxes) all throughout the scalp and braided down its entire length, allowing you to shake your freestanding plaits to your heart’s content. Many naturals and relaxed heads choose extensions to add length, volume, and protection.

Box braids come in a variety of sizes:

  • Small braids, also known as micro braids, are itty bitty plaits.
  • The most popular size request is for medium braids, which are about the width of a pencil or pen. We can thank Janet Jackson from Poetic Justice in 1993 for this iconic look.
  • Large braids are chunky and thick, and they make a big statement. These plaits can range in width from a Crayola marker to a jumbo Sharpie.

How To Make Box Braids

To make box braids, part the hair into individual boxes one at a time. Small, medium, and large boxes are available. After creating the box, the section of hair in the box is divided into three even subsections and braided all the way down to the ends. This will be repeated until the entire head is braided into individual braids. Box braids can be done on natural hair or with extensions for length and fullness.

Without extensions : Divide your hair into four sections and secure each with a hair clip, except the section you want to start with first. Begin contributing to the section you’ve chosen to work in. To make your box, start with a vertical part and then a horizontal part. Place the hair inside the box and divide it into three sections. Begin braiding the hair all the way down, holding the braid tightly until you reach the hair ends. Repeat this process on the entire head until the box braids are finished. Apply an oil sheen to the scalp and braids.

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